IMSH Serious Games and Virtual Environments Showcase and Arcade Award Winners

Bruce Nappi & Sem Lampotang
Bruce Nappi & Sem Lampotang

By Katie White, MD

The Serious Games and Virtual Environments Showcase and Arcade at IMSH 2013 in  in Orlando, Florida at Peabody Convention Center was a resounding success again this year. The number of participants continues to grow as does the buzz surrounding the event. Using the hashtag #IMSHarcade, Twitter kept IMSH attendees informed about the event and certainly contributed to the record numbers of gamers who showed up to try out this year’s entries.

Awards were given out to the top two entries in each of four categories: Academic – Student, Academic – Faculty, Commercial – Small or Emerging Company, and Commercial – Large Company. There were 3 judges on this year’s panel: Gerald Stapleton, MS, Director of Distance Education for the University of Illinois-Chicago School of Medicine; Ben Devane, PhD, from the University of Florida’s Digital Worlds Institute; and Katie White, MD from the University of Iowa Department of Medicine. They evaluated entries with respect to their educational value, the quality of the game as it relates to its user interface, and their impact on training in clinical healthcare fields. The following awards were handed out at this year’s awards ceremony on January 29, 2013:

IMSH2013 Arecade

Academic – Student Winner:

  • Lift-Off App for Behavioral Therapy – Katelyn Procci, et al., University of Central Florida

Academic-Faculty Runner-Up:

  •  On-line Neonatal NP and NICU Training Module – Judy Leflore, University of Texas at Arlington

Academic-Faculty Winner:

Student Winner - Katelyn Procci
Student Winner – K. Procci
  • ON Call – Emergency Triage Communication Game – Massachussetts Digital Games Institute and UMass Medical School

Commercial – Small or Emerging Company Runner-Up:

  • Resuscitation! app, EM Gladiators LLC

Commercial – Small or Emerging Company Winner:

  •  i-Human Virtual Patient Software, i-Human

Commercial – Large Company Runner-Up:

  • STAT! – Trauma Triage, Vcom3D Inc.

Commercial – Large Company Winner:

  • Mimic Robotic Simulator, Mimic Simulation

IMSH 2014 will be held in San Francisco on January 26-28. Next year will mark the 4th Annual Serious Games and Virtual Environments Arcade & Showcase.  The Arcade and Showcase continues to grow in size and popularity and you do not want to miss it next year.

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