Simulation to Practice Pathway and Layered Learning

Join Dr. Eric B. Bauman in Acadicus for a discussion of the Simulation to Practice Pathway & Bauman’s Layered Learning Framework. These two concepts were developed specifically for teaching and learning in digital environments.

Acadicus VRodcast: Pilot Episode 1 with Special Guest Dr. Eric B. Bauman

Join Acadicus and Arch Virtual Founder Jon Brouchoud and Dr. Eric B. Bauman for the inaugural Arch Virtual VRodcast

VR Bone Fracture Reduction for Envision

Eric B. Bauman, PhD, RN, FSSH INACSL Pres-Elect Campaign Video

Thomas "Brett" Talbot, MD Interview - Serious Games 2014

How not to do a Simulation Debriefing - Monsters Inc.

Example of Simulation-based Training - MiB

METI iStan in Grey's Anatomy

Hudson Landing Animation - US Airways Flight 1549

PLAY - David Kaplan and Eric Zimmerman

Authors@HSLC – Games-Based Teaching and Simulation in Nursing and Health Care

presentation on the book for the Authors@HSLC brownbag series.

Games and Simulation for Healthcare

UW SMPH Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI) Brown Bag/website demo