Yenilmez Demonstrates Passion for Physical Therapy and Game-Based Learning

Tolga Yenilmez

Tolga Yenilmez, PT is working with Dr. Eric B. Bauman on his Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) practicum project at Boston University. Yenilmez is a licensed and registered physical therapist in 3 countries (Turkey, United Kingdom and USA). He earned a bachelor’s degree at the University of Istanbul, Turkey and since then has been working with a wide variety of patients, of different cultures and age groups. His areas of interest are holistic therapy, aquatic therapy and nutritional support for recovery of patients. He became licensed and registered as a physiotherapist in United Kingdom’s HPC (Health Professionals Council) in 2004 and as a physical therapist in the State of New York  in 2009. In addition, Yenilmez has translated medical journal articles for Turgut Publishing, Inc. in Istanbul.

Yenilmez’s practicum project seeks to use a game-based application to teach students about positional injuries related to academic life – posture, computer use, etc… To this end Yenilmez is concurrently enrolled at Madison Collage in the very competitive animation and graphic arts program focusing on clinical and medical applications.  Pursuing both programs simultaneously is symbiotic and rigorous.  This sort of commitment demonstrates Tenilmez’s commitment to pursuing and achieving goals that are both academic and translational.