Serious Games & Social Media Storm AMEE2019 in Vienna, AT

G. Stapleton, E.B. Bauman, E. Kachur, AMEE Teaching Asst., M. Pusic, and T. Chang

Clinical Playground founder Dr. Eric B. Bauman was in Vienna, Austria for the 2019 Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE) Conference where he presented on the topics of game-based learning for medical and health professions education, and on the use of social media to promote conference participation.  The annual AMEE conference has become the key meeting for those involved in medical and health professions education.  Aside from an astonishing number of experts on-site presenting on numerous topics, AMEE provides an engaging networking opportunity for all who attend. Attendance has grown steadily over the last 15 years, and now attracts 4000 delegates per year.

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Dr. Bauman collaborated on and facilitated a workshop titled Theoretical & Practical Considerations for Serious Games development & Implementation in Medical Education.  This is the second year that the workshop has been given at the annual AMEE conference and it continues to grow in popularity. The workshop attendees were literally spilling out of the door. The workshop faculty scrambled to find additional rooms to facilitate the hallmark small group exercises that focused on how to evaluate content for game-based teaching and learning. The session was led by Todd P. Chang, MD, MAcM with additional collaborators including Martin V. Pusic, MD, PhD, Chaoyan Dong, PhD, Gerald R. Stapleton, MS, and Elizabeth K.  Kachur, PhD.

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Dr. Bauman also presented an ePoster based on groundbreaking work completed with fellow Clinical Playground Player, Dr. Gregory E. Gilbert and colleague Lisa Buckley Paganotti. The poster and presentation titled – Improving Conference Media Engagement: The AMEE Twitter Story focused on the analysis of the twitter data collected during  2018 AMEE conference in Basal, Switzerland. Dr. Bauman and his colleagues collected similar data from this years conference in Vienna, so they will be well positioned to continue their analysis of how Twitter influences conference attendee engagement.