Speaking Engagements

Dr. Eric B. Bauman is a sought after and proven keynote and conference speaker.  He has presented in a variety of local, national and international venues including:

The National Academies of Science Technology and Medicine

International Forums on Healthcare, Technology, Innovation, and Economic Development

Numerous universities and conference venues

Workshops and Professional Development

Dr. Bauman and his colleagues have broad expertise in the area health professions and higher education professional development covering such topics as:

  • Simulation-Based Teaching, Learning and Evaluation
  • Best Practices Integration of Simulation and Emerging Technology into the Curriculum
  • Educational and Healthcare Policy and Leadership

Research and Grant Support

The team at Clinical Playground have a proven research and publication track record. Players have hundreds of peer-reviewed publications and presentations to their credit. Members have consulted on supported numerous grants:

  • Research Design and Data Analysis
  • Manuscript preparation, editing and support
  • Subject Matter Expertise and consultation

For more information, please feel free to contact Dr. Bauman via direct message LinkedIn.