Clinical Playground Welcomes Karen Boggio to our Player’s List

Karen Boggio, RN

Clinical Playground, LLC welcomes Karen Boggio, RN to our team of collaborators.  Ms. Boggio is well known in the simulation industry. She manages the Human Patient Simulation Laboratory at Waukesha County Technical College (WCTC) in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. The WCTC Simulation program is considered an industry model of excellence and has been used as a template for various other simulation centers throughout the region. Ms. Boggio also provides consultation for new and existing simulation programs.  She is a dedicated educator who has come to realize that simulation as a pedagogical model is expanding into virtual and game-based platforms.  Boggio and her colleagues from WCTC recently presented a workshop at the CAE HPSN Conference titled Partners in Patient Care: Collaborative Simulation Experience Between EMS and Nursing Programs. She also assisted Drs. Bauman and Dev in their presentation, Hybrid Simulation: Virtual World to Mannikin-Based Simulation. Welcome aboard Karen!