Ann Harbor Workshops a success!

Feedback from Dr. Eric B. Bauman’s Game-Based learning workshop in Ann Harbor on May 17th has been receiving  great feedback.  Pairing Dr. Bauman’s game-based learning workshop with Dr. Poindexter’s storytelling workshop (see previous post) provided participants with synergistic experiences to inform their educational practice. These two workshops were presented as part of the annual “Making it Happen” educational series sponsored and co-provided by the Community Nursing Staff Development Group and the University of Michigan Health System’s MLearning and Professional Development & Education for Nursing Departments. Participants were very interactive and a pleasure to work with.  Understanding the potential that game-based learning and related contemporary learning strategies can offer clinical education provides educators with novel ways to engage today’s learners while overcoming the challenges associated with preparing students for complex professional environments.

To see the slides for this presentation click the slide above or here.