Winter Roundup: Awards & Publications

Clinical Simulation in Nursing: Special Edition on Game-Based Learning

The special edition of Clinical Simulation in Nursing on Game-Based Learning has been published. Clinical Playground’s Dr. Eric B. Bauman served as the special edition editor and wrote the edition’s editorial titled: Games, Virtual Environments, Mobile Applications and a Futurist’s Crystal Ball. The journal Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Suzie Kardong Edgren called Bauman’s editorial a “…bleeding edge…” commentary on game-based learning and innovation for clinical education.

Other authors included in this special edition include notable researchers leveraging games, simulation, and innovative technology for clinical instruction including, but not limited to: Jone Tiffany, DNP, Cindy Foronda, PhD, RN, David Gagnon, MS, and  Pam Jeffries, PhD, RN.

Bauman Leads Award Winning Team at 2016 IMSH

G. Vaughan, E.B.Bauman & R. Adams Photo by Edward Rieker ©
G. Vaughan, E.B. Bauman & R. Adams
Photo by Edward Rieker ©

Clinical Playground founder and managing member, Dr. Eric B. Bauman and a multidisciplinary healthcare and engineering team earned a peer reviewed Best-in-Show award for Serious Games and Virtual Environments at the 2016 International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare in San Diego.

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