Clinical Playground, LLC is a nexus of academic and industry collaboration focusing on the use of simulation and game-based learning for public safety, education, and the health sciences. The founding and managing member of Clinical Playground, Dr. Eric B. Bauman and a number of associates throughout industry and higher education believe that leveraging technology, specifically game-based technology and virtual environments represents an important paradigm shift in the educational process.


Congratulations Penny Ralston – Berg

We are admittedly overdue on this congratulations, but we want to take the opportunity to offer big congratulations to one of our favorite collaborators –

Clinical Playground – Proud Sponsor of M+Dev 2020

Clinical Playground - Proud Sponsor of M+Dev 2020 Clinical Playground, LLC is a proud sponsor of this year's M+Dev conference in Madison, WI on February 14.

M+Dev 2020: Celebrate Valentines Day with The Midwest’s Hottest Developers

M+Dev is returning to the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin on February 14 - Valentines Day!  M+DEV is a video game development conference hosted