Wheels Down in New Orleans for IMSH 2011

The Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) Research Consensus Summit gets underway Friday, January 21 with the 2011 International Meeting of Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) starting on Sunday, January 23.  While it is still a couple of days before the conference is in full swing SSH members are already trickling in.

The over 200 Summit, Pre-conference, and IMSH courses being offered brings with them an astounding amount of talent and expertise.   Hour by hour and minute by minute I am running into SSH staff and members and learning about the many interesting people who will be attending IMSH 2011.  I just heard that Ben Sawyer from DIGITALMILL will be in attending the general IMSH sessions.

Also, Jon Aleckson of Web Courseworks will be be sitting on the Serious Games & VE panel being facilitated by Aurel Mihai (Experiences in Healthcare-Related Serious Game Development). Jon is perhaps the only IMSH panelist to have received an Academy Award nomination.  Jon will also be joining us in the first ever IMSH Arcade.