Serious Games & VE Track Monday at IMSH!

Join the Clinical Playground Crew for the IMSH Serious Games & VE Track Monday.

10:30 Games-Based Learning With Kurt Squire, Moses WolfenStein, and Ben DeVane of Games+Learning+Society (GLS ) fame.

1:30 Healthcare-Related Serious Games Development facilitated by Aurel Mihai including Parvati Dev (Innovation in Learning, Jon Aleckson (Web Couseworks and Academy Award Nominee), and Moses Wolfenstein (Academic CoLab and GLS)

3:30 Serious Games Arcade and Reception (5PM).  See the newest and latest innovations in games for healthcare and clinical education.  Meet the designers and researchers in the game-based learning movement.  Games and innovations from Hypercosm, Arizona State University, Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery, Web Courseworks, Innovations in Learning and others.  Rumor has it that there will a cameo appearance from DigitalMill and Games for Health entrepreneur Ben Sawyer.  Don’t miss this event!