IMSH 2011

#IMSH2011 Tweet-Heads There were many highlights associated with the 2011  SSH International Meeting of Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH). The Website Task Force (Eric B. Bauman, Renee Pyburn, Aurel Mihai, John Rice, Katie, White, and Allan Barclay) were honored with a Presidential Citation for dedication and hard work in support of SSH web environment.  Also, the Website Task Force has officially been granted committee status.  Eric will remain chair and Renee will assume the position of vice-chair.  The

IMSH 2011 is officially closed for business.  I know this because I am at the airport waiting for my flight at the New Orleans Airport after having stuffed myself one last time at Mother’s.  Aurel and I would like to thank all of those who made the Serious Games and VE Track and Arcade possible.  A special thanks to my fellow Games+Learning+Society Alum’s (Ben DeVane, Jon Aleckson, and Moses Wolfenstein) and co-founder Kurt Squire for there participation and willingness to

Dare I say it? That went really well. We’re still awaiting feedback, but both of the early sessions drew good crowds and the arcade was absolutely packed. A great big thank you to everyone who spoke about serious gaming today, everyone who brought a game to the arcade, and everyone curious and brave enough to come check out the serious games track. If you didn’t get your fill of serious gaming goodness today there’s more to be had tomorrow at the

Join the Clinical Playground Crew for the IMSH Serious Games & VE Track Monday. 10:30 Games-Based Learning With Kurt Squire, Moses WolfenStein, and Ben DeVane of Games+Learning+Society (GLS ) fame. 1:30 Healthcare-Related Serious Games Development facilitated by Aurel Mihai including Parvati Dev (Innovation in Learning, Jon Aleckson (Web Couseworks and Academy Award Nominee), and Moses Wolfenstein (Academic CoLab and GLS) 3:30 Serious Games Arcade and Reception (5PM).  See the newest and latest innovations in games for healthcare and clinical education.  Meet the

Eric’s in back to back meetings today so you get updates from me instead! IMSH is humming right along. If you haven’t registered yet make sure you do it soon. The lines at the registration desk weren’t too long this morning, but as the first open sessions begin this afternoon and the last few stragglers come in tomorrow morning those lines are going to get pretty scary. Speaking of sessions opening this afternoon, did you realize that IMSH is a full

The SSH Consensus Summit was a lot of work but tremendously productive.  Various pre-conference workshops took place Saturday along with several SSH committee meetings.  IMSH 2011 speakers and attendees continue to arrive.  Ben DeVane (University of Florida – Gainesville) and Aurel Mihai both arrived today.   Aurel is a co-facilitator for the Serious Games Track. Ben will will be participating as a session respondent and staffing the first ever IMSH Serious Games Arcade .

The first day of the SSH Consensus Summit is over.  A phenomenal amount of work was accomplished on a variety of topic areas pertinent to the advancement of simulation-based research and education.  Monographs for ten topic areas have been written, tweaked, and revised based on panelists interpretation of the state of the simulation-based literature and participant interaction with panelists. This interaction and ensuing discussion has been an important collaborative step in the consensus process.  Day two of the consensus will

The IMSH 2011 Consensus is underway – standing room only.  The first session of presentations just concluded and has moved to breakout sessions.  The amount of interest for the Summit while not surprising seems to exceeded expectations.  This will make for lively discussion and provide insight for future research endeavors and agendas. All sorts of notable Society for Simulation in Healthcare notables and newcomers are participating in the summit.  Spotted this morning, Kim Leighton, Mary Patterson, Micheal Seropian, Jeff Taekman,

The Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) Research Consensus Summit gets underway Friday, January 21 with the 2011 International Meeting of Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) starting on Sunday, January 23.  While it is still a couple of days before the conference is in full swing SSH members are already trickling in. The over 200 Summit, Pre-conference, and IMSH courses being offered brings with them an astounding amount of talent and expertise.   Hour by hour and minute by minute I am running

We hope you will be joining other Society for Simulation for Healthcare (SSH) members in New Orleans for the  Pre-Conference Consensus Summit January 21-22 and IMSH itself January 23-26 at the Hilton Riverside. Whether you are joining us or not consider following the Twitter feed on the Clinical Playground website.  We are also working with SSH to get the feed carried on the SSH homepage.  The “hash-tag” for the the conference Twitter feed