Medsation: 1st Annual OSU-CHS Medical Education Conference

Eric Bauman, PhD, Clinical Playground, LLC Founder and Managing Member recently returned from giving a workshop titled Leveraging Technology in Medical Education at Medsation: 1st Annual OSU-CHS Medical Education Conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The workshop was very well received and generated substantial discussion about how quickly technology is changing the landscape of not only medical and clinical education, but also higher education in general.  The first half of the workshop focused on contemporary frameworks and theories supporting various simulation and game-based technology for clinical education. The second half of the workshop included hands-on exercises that participants could immediately integrate into their curricula that promote game-based learning and learning as an embodied performance. The workshop concluded with demonstrations of  game and simulation-based, as well as virtual environment technology that is currently available and could be integrated into existing curricula.

Handwash Havok

Other speakers included Patricia Thomas, MD from John Hopkins (Curriculum Revision: Why and How do We Get There?), Frank Papa, DO, PhD from Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine (Models of Mind, Competence, and Medical Education), Michael Rowane, DO, MS from UH Richmond Medical Center (One Minute Preceptor), Kevin Krane, MD from Tulane University School of Medicine (Strategies and Tips for Integrating Basic Sciences and Clinical Sciences), and Elza Mylona, PhD from Stony Brook Medical Center (Small Group Experience: Strategies to Improve your Performance as a Facilitator).

The speakers complemented one another extremely well. Their passion for teaching and educational processes was evident at every turn. This sort of enthusiasm for health sciences education is very refreshing. You could not help leaving this conference feeling optimistic and energized about providing quality educational experiences.

All of the speakers and participants were clearly very dedicated to education and opportunities for educational research.  The leadership and faculty at Oklahoma State University – Center for the Health Sciences are taking an active role in professional development that will enhance their various curricula and promote quality educational experiences for their students.

Dr. Machelle Davison

A noted and special thank you to Dr. Machelle Davison, Director of the Office of Educational Development for OSU- CHS for the invitation, wonderful hospitality and great conference.