Welcome Marty Gustafson and Abe Megahed

Abe Megahed and Marty Gustafson have both joined Clinical Playground, LLC as associates.  Both Marty and Abe work in the Hypercosm™ division of ORBITEC located in Madison, WI. This is something of a reciprocal collaboration as Clinical Playground, LLC managing member Eric B. Bauman recently became an associate of Orbitec.  This said, the addition of Marty and Abe to our “Players” list enhances the the depth and breadth of expertise at  Clinical Playground.

Abe Megahed

Abe Megahed is Chief Technical Officer for ORBITEC’s Hypercosm™ 3D Interactive Systems and Services Division. He has over 20 years of experience in computer software technology and computer graphics with an emphasis in real time 3D computer simulation, photorealistic rendering, programming language design, and compiler implementation. As ORBITEC’s Chief Technical Officer, he serves as Principal Investigator for many projects, including current work for the Air Force building online games for proactive preventive medicine.

Marty Gustafson has fifteen years of experience in business development, project

Marty Gustafson

management, market research and customer support in the 3D simulation, aerospace technology, and robotics industries. She currently manages ORBITEC’s 3D Interactive Systems and Services Business Unit, handling proposal generation and project management for simulation projects for NASA, Navy, FHWA, Air Force and aerospace customers. She also manages ORBITEC’s commercial product sales, and since joining the company in 2003 has successfully launched a number of software products and educational tools for research and STEM curricula.