CliniSpace BattleCare Wins Grand Prize at the 2012 Federal Virtual Worlds Challenge!

Parvati Dev, PhD

Congratulations to Dr. Parvati Dev and the CliniSpace team on there fantastic Grand Prize performance at the 2012 Federal Virtual Worlds Challenge. CliniSpace BattleCare was built with the goal of training basic battlefield trauma triage concepts. The target audience for this application is the 18-24 year old military medic who is familiar with interactive technology and expects to use mobile technology devices, like the iPad for entertainment and educational opportunities alike. BattleCare uses a mobile tablet to present an interactive graphic novel approach to  guided learning.

BattleCare Episode Opening

In BattleCare, the learner plays the role of Airman Collins, who is the medic on duty in Gardez near the Afghanistan border. Airman Collins learns the basics of triage, including routine assessment skills like airway, breathing, and circulation evaluation in a trauma patient. His mentor, Sergeant Rodriguez, a non-player character allows Collins to make his own choices (Discovery Learning) but provides feedback on the choices (Guided Discovery). The episode begins with the arrival of the trauma case and ends with successful stabilization and helicopter evacuation of the patient. The rendering style, character positioning, and page layout is based on graphic novel conventions. Gesture-based interaction makes the learner feel like they are touching the patient. Exploration gives a sense of game play while the mentor’s guidance means the learner does not get lost.

Wounded Warrior from BattleCare

Clinical Playground, LLC has had the wonderful and collaborative opportunity to work on several projects with Dr. Dev and the CliniSpace team. These projects include the recent proof of concept virtual to mannikin-based simulation presented at the 2012 CAE HPSN Conference recently held in Tampa, FL and the CliniSpace Nursing Platform. Congratulations again Dr. Dev and all of your colleagues on the CliniSpace team – this is a well deserved honor.

Click here for a video demo of CliniSpace BattleCare