User Interface Design for Virtual Environments: Challenges and Advances

User Interface Design for Virtual Environments; Challenges and Advances by B. Kahn is now available.  Clinical Playground, LLC founder and managing member, Dr. Eric B. Bauman co-authored chapter 18 of this text titled An Interface Design Evaluation of Courses in a Nursing Program using an E-learning Framework: A Case Study. The other co-authors for this chapter, faculty and staff from the University of Wisconsin РGreen Bay include  Brenda Tyczkowski, MS; Susan Gallagher-Lepak, PhD; Christine Vandenhouten, PhD; and Janet Resop Reilly, DNP.

This text focuses on challenges that designers face in creating interfaces for users of various virtual environments. Chapters included in this book address various critical issues that have implications for user interface design from a number of different viewpoints. This book is written for professionals who want to improve their understanding of challenges associated with user interface design issues for globally-dispersed users in various virtual environments.