Bauman Leads Seminar in Game-Based Learning at Stony Brook University Medical Center

Eric Bauman

Dr. Eric Bauman was at the Stony Brook Medical Center leading a seminar for the Medical Education Fellowship program on December 7, 2011.  The Fellowship program is led by the very innovative Dr. Elza Mylona, Associate Dean for Faculty Development. Drs. Bauman and Mylona met earlier this year while presenting at the “Medsation” Medical Education Conference hosted by Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences.

Dr. Bauman’s seminar focused on contemporary theory for simulation and game-based education. In addition, several hands on games were introduced and played to provide examples of how face-to-face group activities can help to prepare learners for other types of experiences involving technology including simulation, virtual environments, and video games. The importance of understanding the contemporary student body in terms of their media literacy and educational expectations was also discussed. The Fellows represented a diverse group of physicians and scientists and were very receptive about considering new and innovative approaches to clinical education.