Abe Megahed

Abe Megahed

Abe Megahed

Abe Megahed has over 20 years of experience in computer graphics and simulation technology with an emphasis on web based simulation, real-time computer graphics, ray tracing, programming language design, and compiler/interpreter implementation.   He has designed simulations for NASA, the US Army, Navy, and Air Force, as well as the New York Times, the Kansas City Cosmodrome, the National Science Center, and Cisco Systems.  Megahed holds three patents and has published Siggraph papers and technical sketches in the field of simulation and modeling.  In addition, Megahed is an entrepreneur who has started two simulation and modeling companies.  He is featured in the “OpenGL Red Book”, the Bible of real-time computer graphics and is proud to be listed in the index right before “Microsoft”.  He is currently a technical manager at EarthIT where he works on web based and mobile information systems for health care.

Mr. Megahed was formerly Chief Technical Officer for ORBITEC’s Hypercosm™ 3D Interactive Systems and Services Division, where he focused on simulations for aerospace training. As ORBITEC’s Chief Technical Officer, he served as Principal Investigator for many projects, including ongoing work for the US Air Force building online games for proactive preventive medicine.  Hypercosm™ built many training systems for NASA spaceflight hardware, including the COLBERT treadmill, the SPDM robotic arm, and many science payloads including the Biomass Production System.  Hypercosm’s COLBERT training system was uploaded to and used by astronauts in space for use on the International Space Station.

Mr. Megahed was Chairman and CEO of Hypercosm Inc., a leader in instructional 3D graphics technology for the Internet in the late 1990s and employed up to 30 people. After its purchase by ORBITEC and PLANET LLC (ORBITEC’s sister company, reintegrated in 2009) in 2003, Mr. Megahed responsibilities included leading all new feature development work on the Hypercosm software system, including the current developments of the Hypercosm Player for Macintosh and Hypercosm Player for iPhone.

Mr. Megahed formerly worked at IBM’s Thomas J. Watson Research Laboratory where he received two patents for new 3D graphics rendering algorithms.   Additional information about Abe Megahed can be found on his web site: http://www.abemegahed.com

Linked In Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/abe-megahed/2/5aa/985

Recent publications include

Crabb, T., Megahed A., and Gustafson, M. (2008). 3D Simulation Platform for Improved Operations and Training. Presented at the AIAA Space 2008 Conference, San Diego, CA,

Megahed, A. and Gustafson, M. (2010). “Just-in-Time 3D Assembly Simulation for the New ISS Treadmill.” Presented at the AIAA Space Operations Conference, Huntsville, AL.

Megahed, A., Gustafson, M., Crabb T., and Lee. M. (2004). “Collaborative 3D Training: From Astronauts to Automotive Techs.” SAE International 2004-01-2593. Presented at the 2004 ICES Conference.

Megahed, A. (2003). The Use of Interactive 3D Simulation in Crew Training and Spaceflight Operations. Presented at the IMAGE 2003 Conference, Scottsdale, Arizona 14-18 July 2003.

Megahed, A. (2002). The Use of Interactive 3D Simulation in Crew Training and Spaceflight Operations. SAE Technical Paper Series 2002-01-2499.

U.S. Patents:

U.S. Patent #5428716
June 27, 1995
Solid-Clip Methodology and Architecture for Clipping Solid Models and Displaying Cross Sections Using Depth Buffers

U.S. Patent #5497453
March 5, 1996
Method and Apparatus for Detecting and Visualizing Interferences Between Solids

U.S. Patent #6426748
July 30, 2002 
Method and Apparatus for Data Compression for Three Dimensional Graphics