Allan Barclay MLIS

Allan Barclay (MLIS, AHIP) is a librarian and web developer with an interest in games and simulation as they apply to healthcare – particularly taxonomy and resource discovery issues. He developed and maintains the Games and Simulation in Healthcare portal with Eric Bauman, Aurel Mihai and several student workers. He also does web work on a variety of professional and non-profit sites. Clinical Playground is his first official moonlighting gig (well, unpaid – perhaps Flaming Giraffe Studios will finally start working for cash).

He has worked at University of Wisconsin-Madison, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis and Northwestern University in a variety of library and technology roles. He is an alumnus of Wright State University (psychology & Team 106.9 WWSU) and Dominican University (formerly Rosary College – library science), and hails from University City, MO. He misses his Atari 2600.