The book cover is out for Game-Based Teaching and Simulation in Nursing and Healthcare. The text can be ordered directly from the Springer Publishing Company or on If you are local to the Madison area the University Bookstore at the University of Wisconsin Health Sciences Learning Center (HSLC) will also be carrying the text. The images for the cover were provided by Drs. Partati Dev and Wm. Leroy Heinrichs of CliniSpace

Clinical Playground’s founder Dr. Eric B. Bauman is headed to Ann Arbor, Michigan as a featured speaker at the Making it Happen – Enhancing Education through Games & Storytelling conference on on May 17th in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He will be providing a hands on workshop and discussion style presentation focusing on the importance and power of game-based learning. Dr. Bauman’s presentation will address contemporary theory that addresses how we can and are using basic face-to-face games and

Karen Boggio, RN Clinical Playground, LLC welcomes Karen Boggio, RN to our team of collaborators.  Ms. Boggio is well known in the simulation industry. She manages the Human Patient Simulation Laboratory at Waukesha County Technical College (WCTC) in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. The WCTC Simulation program is considered an industry model of excellence and has been used as a template for various other simulation centers throughout the region. Ms. Boggio also provides consultation for new and existing simulation programs.  She

Instructional Design and Pedagogy Science in Healthcare Simulation by Schaefer, Vanderbilt, Cason, Bauman, Glavin, Lee, and Navedo was just published in the journal Simulation in Healthcare. This article represents one of several articles based on the Simulation Consensus Summit that took place as part of the pre-conference offerings for the Society for Simulation in Healthcare’s (SSH) annual International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) 2011. IMSH 2011 took place in New Orleans in January. This article reviews the literature on

CliniSpace Screen Shot Clinical Playground, LLC is thrilled to be working with Parvati Dev, PhD of Innovation in Learning, Inc. on their award winning CliniSpaceTM virtual environment platform. CliniSpaceTM recently won the Grand Prize in the 2011 Federal Virtual Worlds Contest and First Place in the in the “Artificial Intelligence in Training” category. Clinical Playground, LLC is working to provide scripting and narrative for a multi-professional communication module, which will be demonstrated at the upcoming INACSL 10th Annual

An article was posted last week in the Winnipeg Free Press and reposted at Gamasutra later that day about Microsoft’s Kinect platform being used to assist in surgery at the Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto. The Kinect is being used to allow a surgeon to manipulate images without having to touch a computer, cutting down the length of time required to perform surgeries and keeping the surgeons more focused on the task at hand. Such innovation is possible in large