Clinical Playground, LLC is a nexus of academic and industry collaboration focusing on the use of simulation and game-based learning for public safety, education, and the health sciences. The founding and managing member of Clinical Playground, Dr. Eric B. Bauman and a number of associates throughout industry and higher education believe that leveraging technology, specifically game-based technology and virtual environments represents an important paradigm shift in the educational process.


M+Dev Conference Highlights

On Friday, October 28, the Wisconsin Games Alliance held its inaugural Midwest Game Development (M+DEV) Conference in Madison, Wisconsin. Over 400 participants attended the conference

Bauman and Coauthors Contribute to Virtual Simulation Textbook

Professors Randy Gordon and Dee McGonigle recently completed a new publication, Virtual Simulation in Nursing Education, which includes the contributions of 27 authors from the

Thought Leaders discuss the difference between games for ed and games for fun, plus more at M+Dev

Don’t miss the Games in Education Panel, with industry thought leaders, moderated by Eric B. Bauman. The runaway use of pop culture references and Easter eggs