Marty Gustafson

Ms. Marty Gustafson is the Program Director for the University of Wisconsin’s

Marty Gustafson

onlineMaster of Engineering in Sustainable Systems Engineering (SSE) degree.  In 2012, the UW’s online Master of Engineering programs were ranked #1 in Student Services, Technology, Engagement and Accreditation by U.S. News & World Report, demonstrating how online learning is fast becoming an integral part of higher education.  Prior to joining the University of Wisconsin, Ms. Gustafson managed the 3D Interactive Systems and Services Business Unit of Orbital Technologies Corporation, which focused on using 3D simulation for complex training in the military and aerospace industry.  She also managed ORBITEC’s commercial product sales, and successfully launched a number of software products and educational tools for research and STEM curricula.

Ms. Gustafson is also a lecturer for the Technical Communications Department at the University of Wisconsin College of Engineering, and serves as the 2010-12 Chair of the Advisory Committee of the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium. Ms. Gustafson holds an M.S. in Engineering Management and Marketing from the Milwaukee School of Engineering and a B.S. in Engineering Mechanics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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