Monthly Archives: October 2017

Don’t miss the Games in Education Panel, with industry thought leaders, moderated by Eric B. Bauman. The runaway use of pop culture references and Easter eggs to promote engagement in entertainment games sometimes cause critics to say “Stop. Don’t. Come Back”.  By comparison,  games intended for learning can also benefit from similar tactics.  Our panel will discuss similarities and differences between games designed for education and games designed for entertainment. Here are a few of the other questions up for discussion: What role does ludic

Dr. Eric B. Bauman is honored to accept an invitation for a second year to participate in Improving Health Professional Education and Practice Through Technology, a workshop of the National Academies of Science in Washington D.C on November 16-17. He is among 30 global experts in the healthcare profession who are working to bridge the gap between education and practice using modern methods and technology. This meeting endeavors to improve healthcare access and outcomes through innovation and collaboration between the

If video game development piques your interest, you won’t want to miss M+Dev, Wisconsin Games Alliance’s first annual video game development conference, Friday, October 27th, at the Alliant Energy Center. Whether you’re already a video game professional or just intrigued by the field, get the inside scoop on industry trends, meet like-minded people, and build your network of game development notables at the region’s thriving innovation hub. M-Dev’s Education Track