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Eric B. Bauman I was in Oklahoma City last week on May 24-25, 2011 for the 5th Annual Oklahoma Health Care Work Force Simulation Conference.  This year’s theme was “Training as a Patient Care Team”.  My talk titled Leveraging the Potential of Game-Based Learning for Clinical Education focused on the pedagogy of game-based learning and why multi-media tools like virtual environments and video games are becoming an important tool for clinical education, particularly multi-professional training opportunities that encompass all

Virtual Heroes HumanSim The 2011 Games for Health Conference in Boston last week was a big hit. This year featured distinct pre-conference tracks including the Medica Ludica track.  Clinical Playground’s own Eric B. Bauman presented on educational theory for game-based learning in the clinical sciences.  The Games for Health Conference series is one of the few venues where attendees can take a very hands on approach to learning about games designed for healthcare education from both the clinical and

Eric B. Bauman I will be headed out at the crack of dawn (why I think 6:00 AM flights are a good idea remains a mystery to me), making my way to Boston for Games for Health 2011.  I am speaking Tuesday afternoon during the Medica Ludica track. I am talking about the application of contemporary theory for Game-Based Learning for [Medical Education] multi-disciplinary clinical education.  The entire conference looks fantastic.  The  Medica Ludica track looks great.  Several friends and colleagues