Dr. Eric B. Bauman and Dr. Thomas B. Talbot open USU Education Day

Get Your Game On: Using Gaming Technology in Health Professional Education Conference focuses on Game-Based Learning and Simulation

Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, Bethesda, Maryland
M. Trapani and C. Collins

Dr. Thomas Tablot, Dr. Eric B. Bauman, Lt. Col. Neubauer, and Cpt. Angela Samosorn

Dr. Thomas Tablot, Dr. Eric B. Bauman, Lt. Col. Neubauer, and Cpt. Angela Samosorn

Dr. Eric B. Bauman and Dr. Thomas B. Talbot opened this year’s USU Education Day Conference with keynote addresses Game-Based Teaching and Learning: Theoretical Approaches and Frameworks for the Health Sciences and The Great Game – how elements of play enable awesome medical simulations.

Their presentations to faculty leadership, staff, and students from the Uniformed Services University for Health Science (USUHS) set out to answer the question: how can current teaching methods be improved to better engage students and established healthcare clinicians and  professionals at a more intuitive level?

Their answer is game-based learning and simulation.

Game-based learning, distinct from gamification, goes far deeper than adding competitive elements like badges and points. Instead, effective game-based learning immerses the player/learner in a game or simulation that aligns learning objectives with real world situations, bridging the gap between the abstract dissemination of knowledge typical of traditional teaching methods and hands-on, in-person clinical training.

Steeped in pedagogy, game-based learning and simulation deliver:

  • A medium in which digital natives are comfortable learning (Prensky, 2001)
  • “Designed Experience” i.e., participant experience as performance (Squire, 2006)
  • Games that fit into curriculum
  • Experiential Learning (Kolb, 1984)
  • Culturally relevant content, an “ecology of culturally competent design” (Games and Bauman, 2011, Bauman and Games, 2011)

The U.S. Military and other organizations in high stakes fields have seen the value in game-based learning, recognizing the need for educational methods that go beyond the textbook. Whether it be finance, healthcare, or law enforcement, when time is a factor, game-based learning can address the difference between knowing what to do in theory and knowing what to do in practice.

For more information on projects, speaking engagements and services provided by Dr. Eric B. Bauman visit Clinical Playground on Facebook. You’ll find more information about Dr. Talbot here.

Prensky, M. (2001). Digital natives, digital immigrants part 1. On the Horizon, 9(5), 2-6.
Squire, K.D. (2006). From Content to Context: Videogames as Designed Experience. Educational Researcher, 35 (8), 19-9
Kolb D. Experiential learning: Experience as the source of learning and development. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall; 1984
Bauman, E.B. and Games, I.A. (2011). Contemporary theory for immersive worlds: Addressing engagement, culture, and diversity. In A. Cheney and R. Sanders (Eds) Teaching and Learning in 3D Immersive Worlds: Pedagogical models and constructivist approaches. IGI Global.

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2017 IMSH Roundup: SSH Academy Inductions and SGVE Arcade & Showcase

2017 IMSH: SSH Academy Induction

Eric B. Bauman, PhD at IMSH 2017

Eric B. Bauman, PhD at IMSH 2017

The 2017 International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) was held in Orlando, FL January 29th – February 1st. This year’s IMSH marked the induction of the first Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) class of Fellows. The induction included 34 SSH Fellows and took place during a black tie dinner event at the Rosen Center. Fellows and their guests convened for a cocktail reception, photos, dinner, and the induction ceremony on January 3oth as one of the many events occurring as part of IMSH. Clinical Playground’s own Dr. Eric B. Bauman was nominated by several of his colleagues and inducted as a SSH Fellow along with other renowned scholars in the field of healthcare simulation.

Inaugural class of Society for Simulation in Healthcare Fellows

Inaugural class of Society for Simulation in Healthcare Fellows

Lisa Buckley, PA-C, Eric B. Bauman, PhD, Katie White, MD, Reid Adams, Greg Gilbert, EdD

Lisa Buckley, PA-C, Eric B. Bauman, PhD, Katie White, MD, Reid Adams, Greg Gilbert, EdD

7th Annual Serious Games and Virtual Environments Arcade & Showcase at IMSH

The 7th Annual IMSH Serious Games and Virtual Environments Arcade and Showcase took place on the opening day of the conference. This years Arcade and Showcase was paired with Spectrum of Ideas, which showcased low cost simulation, sim-modifications, and new cutting edge sim-based technology. This years event was extremely well attended with over 30 presenters and 700 conference attendees rotating through the Serious Games and Virtual Environments Arcade & Showcase.

Arcade & Showcase busting at the seems

Arcade & Showcase busting at the seams

This years Serious Games and Virtual Environments Best-in-Show Winners:

Student Winner & Runner-Up

D. Nelson, E.B.Bauman, M. Nemirovsky

Dr. Bauman with Mentees Michael Nemirovsky (Left) and Douglas Nelson, Jr. (Right)

  • Winner: Douglas Nelson, et al –  BodyExplorer: An Augmented Reality Enhanced Manikin Simulator Providing Performance Feedback and Automated Instruction via a Virtual Instructor

Faculty Winner & Runner-Up

  • Winner: Andrea “Andi” Parodi, et al –  Creating Integrated Medical Education Experiences for Military Trauma Teams Using Deliberate Practice, Layers of Simulation, and Games-based Guided Tutorials
  • Runner Up: Anuradha Khanna – Immersive, Stereoscopic and Interactive Virtual Patient for Deliberate Practice of Neuro-Ophthalmic Examination Skills

Small Company Winner & Runner-Up

Large Company Winner & Runner-Up

  • Winner: Aurelio Maldonado, et al –  Department of Veteran Affairs Veterans Health Administration Innovation Gaming Showcase Airway Management
  • Runner up: Craig Stevenson, et al – Trauma Yellow: A Virtual Trauma Training Center
Ali Bahsoun & Eric B. Bauman

Ali Bahsoun & Eric B. Bauman

One of the most interesting stories associated with this years Serious Games and Virtual Environments Arcade & Showcase is the incredible story of Ali Bahsoun, MBBS. Dr. Bahsoun was on hand for this years Arcade & Showcase as a conference attendee.  He wanted to thank Dr. Bauman for the incredible opportunity he was given when he presented at the 2nd annual Arcade & Showcase as a medical student studying at Kings College London. Dr. Bahsound demonstrated a virtual laparoscopic surgical trainer he fashioned out of cardboard box and his iPhone. As a result of that demonstration five years ago, Dr. Bahsoun was able to commercialize his multi-media simulator. His invention has since been used all over the world for laparoscopic surgical training and generated enough royalties to pay for his wedding. Drs. Eric B. Bauman and Jeff Taekman founded the SSH Serious Games Serious Games and Virtual Environments Special Interest Group almost ten years ago, which in turn gave rise to the Serious Games and Virtual Environments Arcade & Showcase.

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Dr. Eric B. Bauman named SSH Fellow

Eric. B. Bauman, PhD

Eric. B. Bauman, PhD

The Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) recently named their inaugural class of Fellows. Clinical Playground’s founder and managing member Dr. Eric B. Bauman is in renowned company among the 34  innovative and distinguished scholars named to the first class of SSH Fellows.

Individuals were selected based on their outstanding contributions to the development of SSH and to the field of healthcare simulation. The skills and knowledge of the first class of SSH Fellows will be vital to the Academy’s success, as the Fellows will be in the position to frame the the future of healthcare simulation and keep the field moving forward. Formal induction will take place at the 2017 International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) on January 30, 2017 in Orlando.

For the the official online SSH press release and complete list of SSH Fellows please click here.

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Games Learning Society 2016 – End of an Era?

Reid Adams, Eric B. Bauman, PhD, Angela Samosorn & Crystle Martin, PhD

Reid Adams, Eric B. Bauman, PhD, Angela Samosorn & Crystle Martin, PhD

The 2016 Games+Learning+Society Conference (aka GLS12) was hosted by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, School of Education July 17-19,  at Union South. This is the 3rd venue leveraged for this premier educational games conference. The conference started at the Monona Terrace and later moved to the UW-Madison Memorial Union on Lake Mendota.

This years conference was keynoted by Earnest Adams (Uppsala University), Betty Hayes-Gee & Sinem Siyahhan (Arizona State University) and Gordan Bellamy (University of Southern California). Dr. Hayes-Gee was one of the founding faculty of the Games Learning Society and it was great to have her on campus for GLS12.  Gordon Bellamy, a talented and well credentialed game industry insider and scholar walked… ran… charged the crowed through an interactive, informative and entertaining presentation that included plenty of laughs, perspective on game design and cold hard cash!

Buffy Fans & Scholars

Buffy Fans & Scholars

Clinical Playground LLC founder and managing member Dr. Eric B. Bauman participated

Ben DeVane, PhD

Ben DeVane, PhD

in a very well attended panel session led by his colleague Reid Adams titled:  What Buffy the Vampire Slayer Has To Teach Us About Gaming, Education, and Self-directed Learning. Other panelists included Dr. Moses Wolfenstein, Dr. Ben DeVane, Dr. Crystle Martin and Angela Samosorn.

With the departure of Drs. Kurt Squire and Constance Steinkuhler for University of California – Irvine, the GLS era in Madison may be coming to a close. While plenty of the GLS alumni are enjoying success in Madison, WI  – many others have departed for  industry positions and across many different academic institutions locally, nationally and internationally.  Madison, WI remains a vibrant game, ed tech and multi-media community. According to the Madison Game Alliance, there are some 70 game development companies in the region. These companies include established players like Filament Games and Human Head Studios, as well as newcomers like Acme Nerd Games and Aurasync Studios.

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Countdown to: Houston, We Have Spinach!

Acme Nerd Games, LLC located in south central Wisconsin, USA is a new start-up game company on a mission – a space and spinach mission. They are creating a game focused on nutrition literacy for kids [and their parents] called “Houston, We Have Spinach! The game design team brings a wealth of talent to this project, including Clinical Playground, LLC founder and managing member Dr. Eric B. Bauman. Other nerds, team members include, Mary Romolino, Bo Monroe, Michael Flaherty and newest member of the team, Tarah Heimes. The team recently held launch party to support the “Houston, We Have Spinach!” project in Madison, WI.

Acme Nerds - Is that flying spinach?

Acme Nerds – Hey is that flying spinach?

“Houston, We Have Spinach!” provides an innovative approach to what many clinicians would consider patient education. Instead of simply counseling parents and their kids about the importance of a healthy diet, “Houston, We Have Spinach” engages kids through play. Play is a powerful learning experience. It is experiential, engaging, rewarding and in this case downright fun. Games have the power to engage people, patients, players by way of intrinsic motivation. Most people engage a game because it looks fun – good games move beyond badges and high scores and promote a sense of agency. Players enjoy good games because they find meaning in the during game-play or as a result of playing the game  Educational games when done well provide the impetus for behavioral change. In this game, players start out with the intention to build rockets and unlock mini-games and Easter Eggs within the game platform – But along the way they are learning valuable lessons about nutritional choices they can make in their everyday lives. Choices they can make in the real world.

Screenshot 2016-05-28 10.19.01Acme Nerd Games, LLC currently has a Kickstarter campaign going on to fund “Houston, We Have Spinach!” and they are starting to get noticed. This campaign has been featured by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and a German news forum. At the time of this post they had just broken the 100 donor mark – but they can still use support to make their goal and bring “Houston, We Have Spinach” to life and the masses.

Houston, We Have Spinach! Kickstarter Link

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Winter Roundup: Awards & Publications

Clinical Simulation in Nursing: Special Edition on Game-Based Learning

The special edition of Clinical Simulation in Nursing on Game-Based Learning has been published. Clinical Playground’s Dr. Eric B. Bauman served as the special edition editor and wrote the edition’s editorial titled: Games, Virtual Environments, Mobile Applications and a Futurist’s Crystal Ball. The journal Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Suzie Kardong Edgren called Bauman’s editorial a “…bleeding edge…” commentary on game-based learning and innovation for clinical education.

Other authors included in this special edition include notable researchers leveraging games, simulation, and innovative technology for clinical instruction including, but not limited to: Jone Tiffany, DNP, Cindy Foronda, PhD, RN, David Gagnon, MS, and  Pam Jeffries, PhD, RN.

Bauman Leads Award Winning Team at 2016 IMSH

G. Vaughan, E.B.Bauman & R. Adams Photo by Edward Rieker ©

G. Vaughan, E.B. Bauman & R. Adams
Photo by Edward Rieker ©

Clinical Playground founder and managing member, Dr. Eric B. Bauman and a multidisciplinary healthcare and engineering team earned a peer reviewed Best-in-Show award for Serious Games and Virtual Environments at the 2016 International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare in San Diego.

Click here to read the Press Release


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2015 Round Up

Clinical Playground, LLC founder visits the White House

White House Meeting 11-2015Clinical Playground’s founder Dr. Eric B. Bauman was recently invited to the White House to begin a discussion with various other scholars from around the country about role that computer science and programming could and should play in K12 and K16 education. Having this discussion on the national level is imperative and significant.

Most jobs and certainly many well-paying jobs require a level of computer and media literacy. Further, computer literacy and computer sciences curricula foster the type of problem solving skills that engage students in ways often not afforded with traditional skill and drill education. Thought leading scholars and educators have come to appreciate and understand that applied problem solving skills situated within the technology that learners will encounter in higher education and the workplace must be introduced, nurtured, and scaffolded early within the traditional educational paradigm.

Traditional K12 and K16 education recognizes the importance and depth that foreign language coursework brings to the educational experience and in the making of well rounded graduates.  Yet, computer science and language courses, as well as related media literacy skills are often relegated to electives coursework, if available at all in many school systems. It is ironic that many icons of the the technology sector left their traditional academic environments to forge ahead on their own or with others who just did not feel engaged and invested in the curricula available to them. Perhaps the way forward, the way to engage students in ways that keep them engaged, enrolled, graduating, and moving into  college studies and real world career paths is by embracing technology and the computer sciences as early as we embrace traditional language arts? Maybe situating math and science lessons within the context or in collaboration with computer sciences and rich media environments will better prepare youth for higher education and meaningful careers.

Bauman Keynotes Nursing Practice: A Rainbow of Opportunities at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Conference

Bauman PonderingDr. Eric B. Bauman recently gave a keynote presentation titled  Innovation through Simulation: Paradigm for Patient Safety the 2015 Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin nursing education conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In addition, Bauman presented a workshop on the importance of debriefing as part of the the simulation-based education process.

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2015 Distance Teaching & Learning Conference Information Session: Are Games and Simulations a Good ‘Fit’ for Your Curriculum?

Screen shot 2015-08-27 at 2.12.06 PMBy Penny Ralston-Berg

Senior Instructional Designer
Penn State World Campus


The conversation was very active during our presentation at the 2015 University of Wisconsin Distance Learning Conference  titled “Are Games and Simulations a Good ‘Fit’ for Your Curriculum?” We discussed strategies and key questions to ask in determining what makes a good curricular “fit” for games and simulations.  Examples were shown from a variety of subject matter and the audience had a chance to walk through the process of determining fit based on learning objectives. We also stepped out side the instructional alignment and talked about the value of “ridiculous games” for stress relief and cognitive down time between other intense tasks.

Reference to two texts and link to Pinterest board for “fit” were also shared.


Click here for link to presentation slidedeck

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SSH Serious Games/VE Arcade & Showcase invited to the Institute of Medicine

Eric. B. Bauman, PhD

Eric. B. Bauman, PhD

The Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSH) has accpeted an Invitation to the Institute of Medicine to facilitate an IMSH style Serious Games/Virtual Environments Arcade & Showcase at the IOM Envisioning the Future of Health Professional Education Workshop on April 23-24, 2015. The Arcade and Showcase will be facilitated by Drs. Eric B. Bauman and Jeff Taekman. Drs. Bauman and Taekman are

Jeff Taekman, MD

Jeff Taekman, MD

the SSH Serious Games and Virtual Environments Special Interest Group (SIG) founders. Other Serious Games and Virtual Environments SIG members and leaders will also be on hand to facilitate this event, including, Beth Bryant, Gerald Stapleton, and Phil Bertulfo.

This Arcade & Showcase will include a round of judging led by Dr. Taekman. The judges will award a top and runner-up award for innovation. The Arcade & Showcase will take place during the event reception from 5-7PM on April 23rd. The winner of the top innovator award will be invited to present their project to the entire workshop on the morning of April 24th

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IMSH Serious Games and Virtual Environments Showcase and Arcade Award Winners

By Katie White, MD


Katie White, MD

The 5th Annual Serious Games and Virtual Environments Showcase and Arcade at IMSH 2015 in New Orleans, LA was a success! With over 300 attendees and 21 entries, the event continues to attract exceptional talent from around the world. Given the growing interest every year, we moved into a larger room and through a generous sponsorship , the Society for Simulation in Healthcare Serious Games and Virtual Environments Special Interest group was able to continue the tradition of providing libations and sustenance for gamers,  and the curious in attendance. Dr. Eric B. Bauman, one of the founding members of the Serious Games and Virtual Environments Special Interest Group was featured in the IMSH conference show-daily. Bauman provided and overview of the serious games movement from a clinical education perspective.

Awards were given out to the top two entries in each of four categories: Academic – Student, Academic – Faculty, Commercial – Small or Emerging Company, and Commercial – Large Company. There were 4 judges on this year’s panel: Gerald Stapleton, MS, Director of Distance Education for the University of Illinois-Chicago School of Medicine; Beth Bryant, from Games for Health; Jeff Taekman, MD, from Duke University and one of the “godfathers” of the Games Arcade and Showcase; and Katie White, MD from the Iowa City VA Medical Center. They evaluated entries with respect to their innovation, the implementation of the learning goals and objectives, the vision the developers had for where their game would contribute to health care education, and the presentation of the user interface.

The following awards were presented at this year’s awards ceremony on January 13, 2015 at the Tuesday plenary session for IMSH 2015:


Eric B. Bauman, PhD with Student Winner, Joshua Ferge


Winner: A Novel Computer Screen-based Simulator for Defibrillator Skills Training –  Joshua Ferge, University of Colorado



Using a Game-Based Simulation to Complement a Face-to-Face Medical Education – Gary Hardee, University of Texas System


Inter-professional Teamwork Training with TeamSTEPPS Virtual Teams – Rachel Umoren, Indiana University/Ball State University

Small Business or Corporation


SimX: The First Augmented Reality Medical Simulation Platform – Ryan Ribeira


DecisionSim – Presented by Bob Yayac

Large Business or Corporation


Dr. Bauman with Walter Cheek – BreakAway Games

Winner: Online Standardized patient interface by Breakaway Games – Presented by Walter Cheek


I-Human Patients with Dynamic DDx: Cloud-based Simulated Patient Encounter Platform for Advanced UME, GME, and Experienced Physicians – Presented by Norm Wu


I-Human team pictured with Drs. White and Bauman


The 6th Annual Serious Games and Virtual Arcade & Showcase will be held at IMSH in  2016 in sunny San Diego. If you have a serious game or virtual environments being used for clinical education do not miss next years event!





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